Motaro Of Casaron Inu

Registered Name: Motaro Of Casaron Inu
Breeder: Gabriel Rodrigues Nunes Junior
Owner: Sidnei Kuhlmann - Thunderkuhl Akitas
Sire: Kakui Go Yamada
Dam: Crazy'S Paradise Hannah Hime
Call Name: Motaro
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 22 SEP 2008
Date of Death: 11 OCT 2017
Land of Birth: Brazil
Land of Standing: Brazil
Size: 70 cm (27.56 inch)
Weight: 41 kg (90.39 pound)
Colour: Red and White
Distinguishing Features:
Titles: Inicial Ch., Puppie Ch., Young Ch., Brasileiro Ch, Brasileiro Grand Ch., Panamericano Ch., Panamericano Grand Ch, Argentino Ch. and International Ch
Known Offspring:
Registration#: RG/SPX/08/06236
Racing Name: AKITA INU
Kawaii Of Casaron Inu

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Motaro Of Casaron Inu

Kakui Go Yamada

Kouryuu Go Shun'You Kensha

Goushi Go Yahata Kensha

V'Kumi Des Dragons Du Soleil Rouge

Bara Go De Yamada

Tenpou Go Musashi Aiwa

Mimi Go Musashi Aiwa

Crazy'S Paradise Hannah Hime
Hoshi Do Alcamar Samurai PlaceYamato Go Bushu Hanakagodate
Atama Do Alcamar Samurai Place
Crazy's Paradise AmaiYoru-go Do Tibiquary
Crazy'S Paradise Quasar