Hiroyuki Go Hajimari

Registered Name: Hiroyuki Go Hajimari
Breeder: Karolina Kardasz - Hajimari
Owner: Sally Van de ven - Of Shinju Koyasan
Kennel: Hajimari
Sire: Hokuto Go Tashiro Futagosou
Dam: Tensei No Momoko Go Namitori Hoshi
Call Name: Yuki
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 18 DEC 2017
Date of Death: 31 OCT 2022
Land of Birth: Poland
Land of Standing: Netherlands
Size: 68 cm (26.77 inch)
Colour: Red and White
Distinguishing Features:
Titles: BIS Baby European Nippo Belgium 2018, BIS Baby Clubmatch Nippon Inu 2018
Known Offspring:
HD/A - Patella Free - Eyes Clear - Amelogenesis imperfecta:No Carrier - NO lC Carrier - White Gen Carrier - Diversity Certificate
Hakuchouhime Go Hajimari

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Hiroyuki Go Hajimari

Hokuto Go Tashiro Futagosou

Tamayuu Go Hanawa Kisaragi

Hokuyuu Go Housenkaku

Hanafusa Go Hanawa Kisaragi
Hana Go Tashiro Futagosou

Hokushou Go Hanawa Kisaragi
Hakubai Go Subarusou

Tensei No Momoko Go Namitori Hoshi

Jou Go Shirai

Fuuetsu Go Shirai

Rumi Go Shirai

Hoshi Go Namitori

Tenka Go Shirai

Suki Delle Bianche Vallate