H'Suzuhime Go Of Ikenohatade

Registered Name: H'Suzuhime Go Of Ikenohatade
Breeder: Andreas Frey - Of Ikenohatade
Owner: Régine Crespin
Kennel: of Ikenohatade
Sire: Torachiyo Go Shirai
Dam: E'Shinme Go Of Ikenohatade
Call Name: Suzu
Sex: female
Date of Birth: 20 FEB 2012
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: France
Land of Standing: France
Size: 61 cm (24.02 inch)
Weight: 30 kg (66.14 pound)
Colour: Red and White
Distinguishing Features:
Titles: COTATION 3
Known Offspring:
Registration#: LOF 5 AK.IN.7422/0
HD A/A certificat d' identité génétique
H'Shogun Go Of Ikenohatade

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H'Suzuhime Go Of Ikenohatade

Torachiyo Go Shirai

Yuushou Go Musashi Aiwa

Matsukaze Go Musashi Aiwa

Sara Go Shirai
Tamayuu Go Aomori Mikamisou

Taiyoukou Go Akita Iijimasou
Yaotome Go Zenhosha

E'Shinme Go Of Ikenohatade

Kasuga Go Shirai
Kusumaru Go Shirai
Fuuwa Go Shirai

C'Torasakura Of Ikenohatade

Tozan Go Toukyou Takaryuu

Sakura Di Casa Saporito