Akira Go Taisetsu Adachisou

Registered Name: Akira Go Taisetsu Adachisou
Breeder: Sethawat Chaisethanawat
Kennel: Taisetsu Adachi Kennel
Sire: Kano Go From Hachimantai
Dam: Momoko Go Fujiyama Kensha
Call Name:
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 31 JAN 2018
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: Thailand
Land of Standing: Thailand
Colour: White
Distinguishing Features:
Known Offspring:
Registration#: KATH115853689
A'ryujin Go Taisetsu Adachisou
Ai Torame Go Taisetsu Adachisou
Akahoshi Go Taisetsu Adachisou
Akatsuki Go Taisetsu Adachisou
Akidate Go Taisetsu Adachisou
Amagi Go Taisetsu Adachisou

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Akira Go Taisetsu Adachisou

Kano Go From Hachimantai

Rammaru Go Subarusou

Awa Kokushi Go Tateyama Matsunaga
Subaru Go Subarusou

Kouhime Go Noshiro Koujusou

Zuikou Go Kouyasan Miyauchisou

Hanapon Go Hanawa Kisaragi

Momoko Go Fujiyama Kensha

Ryouta Go From Hachimantai

Kokuhoumaru Go Sanshuu Kuwayama

Kouhime Go Noshiro Koujusou

Zuikahime Go From Hachimantai

Kouun Go Noshiro Koujusou

Genkuume Go Akita Tsutsui Kensha