Frequently asked questions


How can I add or update a dog?

You have to create an account with Akita Pedigree to be able to update or add a dog. Go to the Login page and click onto "Create an Account".


Why can't I delete a dog/person?

Due to security reasons the deletion of a whole record (dog or person) is only allowed to Akita Pedigree administrators.
Therefore please always check the list of available dogs/persons presented to you during the add-process, before adding a new dog/person.
Anyhow, if you happen to create a wrong new dog/person entry or have found a record you would like to delete, please contact the Akita Pedigree Administrator.


What about kennels?

There's no kennel management provided by Akita Pedigree. The kennel information is only stored as simple value in a dog's record.
On the dog's update page you can choose from the existing list of kennels (in the textfield type the first letters and you will receive a list to choose from - be patient this may take a while depending on bandwidth and database size) or type in a new kennel name.


How to add sire or dam for a dog?

Adding the sire or dam to a dog is best done by using the pedigree's "Add Dog"-links on the detail page.
If you know, that your dog's father or mother is already available in the database you could also use the input fields on the update-page. There you would have to enter the first three letters of the sire's or dam's registered name and you will receive all sires/dams in the database starting with these letters. Please be aware that retrieving this list may last long depending on bandwidth and database size. We therefore encourage you to use the "Add Dog"-links on the pedigree of your particular dog.


How to manage persons, owners, breeders?

The management of persons in Akita Pedigree allows to add persons, browse persons, view and change details of a person. Please be aware that the deletion of persons is only allowed to Akita Pedigree Administrators! A person in Akita Pedigree can (but does not need to) have the role of "breeder" or/and the role of "owner". In principle persons are added to Akita Pedigree by clicking on the "Add Person" entry in the menu which you can find on top of each page, see Screenshot A:

Screenshot A

As we found it a common use case that adding persons (that are not yet in the database) should be possible during the "dog creation"-workflow (when adding breeder or owner to a dog), we are providing the possibility of adding a new person also there.

Screenshot B

On the update-dog screen after clicking either on the "Add breeder" or on the "Add owner" button (see Screenshot B) you can create a new person if no person with your specified last name (and possibly first name) could be found in the database. In this case (when choosing the checkbox marked on Screenshot C1) you are adding a new person to Akita Pedigree.

Screenshot C1

When you are choosing a person from the list of available persons (see Screenshot C2) you are using a person already existing in Akita Pedigree. In both cases you are adding the role "breeder" and "owner" respectively.

Screenshot C2

Please note: It is possible to enter more than one breeder or owner for a dog. Moreover clicking on the symbol next to a name, does only remove this person as breeder or owner of a dog but does not delete the person from the database!