E Kaiyou Go Di Bordakitainu Kensha

Registered Name: E Kaiyou Go Di Bordakitainu Kensha
Owner: Oleca Kireeva
Kennel: Bordakitainu Kensha
Sire: Yoshiteru Go Senshuu Takashihamasou
Dam: Fuzuki Go Bordakitainu Kensha
Call Name: KAYO
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 4 OCT 2017
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: Italy
Land of Standing: Russia
Colour: Red and White
Distinguishing Features:
Titles: Candidate for Junior Champion of Russia
Known Offspring:
Emiko Go Di Bordakitainu Kensha
Etsuko Go Di Bordakitainu Kensha
Hoshiko Go Bordakitainu Kensha
Hotaru Go Bordakitainu Kensha

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E Kaiyou Go Di Bordakitainu Kensha

Yoshiteru Go Senshuu Takashihamasou

Yoshifuru (Yoshihuru) Go Senshuu Takashihamasou

Zuikou Go Kouyasan Miyauchisou
Kuuki Go Senshuu Takashihamasou

Utage Go Kouyasan Miyauchisou
Jou Go Okamasa Kensha
Ohana Go Senshuu Takashihamasou

Fuzuki Go Bordakitainu Kensha

Shinzan Go Senshuu Takashihamasou

Houzan Go Kouyosan Miyauchisou
Shinju Go Senshuu Takashihamasou

Sakurambo Go Moritake Sekinodai Sou

Oukoku Go Senshuu Takashihamasou

Momoka Go Hanawa Kisaragi