Kimi Of Matsuyama

Registered Name: Kimi Of Matsuyama
Breeder: Roberto Bezerra da Silva
Owner: cleidson gomes
Sire: Daichi Go Shirai
Dam: Itsuko Hime Go Of Fighting Dog
Call Name: Kimi
Sex: female
Date of Birth: 7 MAR 2017
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: Brazil
Land of Standing: Brazil
Size: 62 cm (24.41 inch)
Weight: 28 kg (61.73 pound)
Colour: Red and White
Distinguishing Features:
Titles: campeã jovem
Known Offspring:
Registration#: 17/00557
Racing Name: Kimi

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Kimi Of Matsuyama

Daichi Go Shirai

Fuuetsu Go Shirai

Kouki Go Shirai
Tamahime Go Shirai
Toki Go Shirai

Ginji Go Shirai

Luka (Ruka) Go Shirai
Itsuko Hime Go Of Fighting Dog

Mantenhomare Go Miyagi Kozaki Kensha

Mikunihomare Go Nagata Kensha

Benihana Go Miyagi Watanabe Kensha

Wakano Go Shirai

Ukyou Go Shirai
Ayane Go Shirai