M'Aiko Of Senzo No

Registered Name: M'Aiko Of Senzo No
Breeder: Maxime Mofrih Akita Ancestral - Of Senzo No
Owner: Nicolas & Vanessa Pas Parfait
Kennel: Of Senzo N�
Sire: Michio Halne Wzgòrze
Dam: F' Kimi Go Misanji
Call Name: A�ko
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 26 DEC 2016
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: France
Land of Standing: France
Size: 35 cm (13.78 inch)
Weight: 7 kg (15.43 pound)
Colour: Red and White
Distinguishing Features: Spot blanc
Known Offspring:

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M'Aiko Of Senzo No

Michio Halne Wzgòrze

Fuen De La Vallee Des Samourais

Kotarou Go Musashi Aiwa

Emiko Go Shirai

Koemi Halne Wzgórze

Kokusai Halne Wzgórze

Hankooshoku Halne Wzgórze

F' Kimi Go Misanji

Manjin Go Shirai

Ginji Go Shirai

Luka (Ruka) Go Shirai

F'Misaki Go Of Ikenohatade

Matsukaze Go Musashi Aiwa

B'Tao Tao Go Of Ikenohatade