L'Noshiro Of Senzo No

Registered Name: L'Noshiro Of Senzo No
Breeder: Maxime Mofrih Akita Ancestral - Of Senzo No
Sire: Raikou Go Hongou Ooshige Sou
Dam: A Kouka Ho Of Lovemute Kenner Kr
Call Name:
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 21 NOV 2016
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: France
Land of Standing: France
Size: 57 cm (22.44 inch)
Weight: 43 kg (94.8 pound)
Colour: Blue Brindle
Distinguishing Features:
Titles: 1er classe Baby National d'Elevage 2016 - 1er classe Puppy championnat de France 2016 (Metz) - 1er classe Intermédiaire Nationale d'Elevage 2017 (Montluçon)
Known Offspring:
L'Hachidai Of Senzo No
L'Risa Of Senzo No

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L'Noshiro Of Senzo No

Raikou Go Hongou Ooshige Sou

Harukoma Go Misaki Ootanisou
Yumenosuke Go Misaki Ootanisou

Yuki No Hana Go Tamura Kumada Kensha
Dai Go Rinshouen

Daikichi Go Hokuryuusou
Toramaki Go Miyagi Kozaki Kensha

A Kouka Ho Of Lovemute Kenner Kr

Ikkouhomare Go Sawadaka Kensha

Ikkousakura Go Akita Enhyou
Shuukoume Go Sawadaka Kensha

Koushuume Go Nisshuuzan

Mantenhomare Go Miyagi Kozaki Kensha
Anri Go Kurashiki Takechisou