Yumi Yamamoto

Registered Name: Yumi Yamamoto
Breeder: Piotr Jahns - Yamamoto
Owner: Renate Rechberger
Kennel: Yamamoto
Sire: Rekka Go Kurume Hirose
Dam: Senka Go Kurume Hirose
Call Name: Yumi
Sex: female
Date of Birth: 31 MAY 2016
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: Poland
Land of Standing: Austria
Size: 60 cm (23.62 inch)
Weight: 29 kg (63.93 pound)
Colour: Red and White
Distinguishing Features:
Titles: 2017- 2 x Youth best, BOS; 2016- 3 x best Puppy, 1 x BIS
Known Offspring:
Registration#: AKIHO 17-2936
HD A, Eyes clear
Haruko Go Yamamoto
Hayato Go Yamamoto
Hiro Go Yamamoto
Hitoshii Go Yamamoto
Kotaro Go Yamamoto
Manobu Go Yamamoto
Masaru Go Yamamoto
Nao Go Yamamoto
Naomi Go Yamamoto
Noa Go Yamamoto
Nobuko Go Yamamoto
Toshiko Go Yamamoto
Yoichi Go Yamamoto
Yoshike Go Yamamoto
Yotto Yamamoto
Yuki Yamamoto
Yumiko Go Yamamoto
Yusuke Go Yamamoto

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Yumi Yamamoto

Rekka Go Kurume Hirose
Goukai Go Okayama Minami

Tenchoumaru Go Senshuu Takashihamasou
Yumejo Go Ukitakenshou
Moegi Go Kurume HiroseTaigi Go Kurume Hirose
Fuyou Go Kurume Hirose

Senka Go Kurume Hirose

Tsurugi Go Kurume Hirose
Ryuuko Go Kurume Hirose
Hibiki Go Kurume Hirose
Kizuna Go Kurume HiroseMumyoumaru Go Kurume Hirose
Kurenai Go Kurume Hirose