Antai Tochishiro Ken

Registered Name: Antai Tochishiro Ken
Breeder: Cata Opris - Tochishiro Ken
Owner: Monique van Gestel - Kennel of Mogeki
Kennel: Tochishiro Ken
Sire: Masahiro Ken Go Namitori
Dam: I'Nozomi De La Vallee Des Samourais
Call Name: Antai
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 6 APR 2015
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: Romania
Land of Standing: Netherlands
Size: 65 cm (25.59 inch)
Weight: 35 kg (77.16 pound)
Colour: Red and White
Distinguishing Features:
Titles: Dutch Champion, Dutch Youth Champion, Youth Clubwinner '16
Known Offspring:
Hips HD-A, Eyes ECVO clear, Patella free, Teeth complete, longcoat carrier, DNA certificate H116267 Genetic diversity certificate.
A'Nozomi Tochishiro Ken
Akiro Tochishiro Ken
Anzu Tochishiro Ken

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Antai Tochishiro Ken

Masahiro Ken Go Namitori

Ginji Go Shirai

Awa Unjou Go Kisarazu Nomura

Sara Go Shirai

Hoshi Go Namitori

Tenka Go Shirai

Suki Delle Bianche Vallate

I'Nozomi De La Vallee Des Samourais

Touyuu Go Kyushu Uedasou

Yuuki Go Kyushu Uedasou
Rinko Go Aso Inoue

Bisei Go Tamba Oomae

Daichi Go Hanakawasou

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