Rosia Kara Shoma Go

Registered Name: Rosia Kara Shoma Go
Breeder: Marina Sharpan - Rosia Kara Kennel
Owner: Krista Karjaluoto
Kennel: Rosia Kara
Sire: Koushumpou Go Kagano Yaoya
Dam: Benihime Go Onagawa Kyouritsu
Call Name: Mako
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 21 OCT 2014
Date of Death: 22 SEP 2017
Land of Birth: Russia
Land of Standing: Finland
Colour: Red and White
Distinguishing Features:
Titles: multiple winner of a puppy class and Best Puppy
Known Offspring:
Registration#: RKF4066337
neutured. after an injury there was arthrosis in the region of the hip joint. euthanasia.
Rosia Kara Eikan
Rosia Kara Eira
Rosia Kara Eirei
Rosia Kara Ena
Rosia Kara Eshiro
Rosia Kara Shikou
Rosia Kara Shingen
Rosia Kara Shinryuu

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Rosia Kara Shoma Go

Koushumpou Go Kagano Yaoya

Daizen Go Ishinomaki Sankou
Zuigan No Sougetsu Go Naruse Takeda

Yuri Go Yanagida

Koukame Go Miyagi Kozaki Kensha
Suzaku Go Misuzusou

Benihana Go Miyagi Watanabe Kensha

Benihime Go Onagawa Kyouritsu

Mantenhomare Go Miyagi Kozaki Kensha

Mikunihomare Go Nagata Kensha

Benihana Go Miyagi Watanabe Kensha
Otohime Go Onagawa Kyouritsu

Miyakotsukasa Go Kokura Shimauchi

Nene Go Okukujien