Nihonjin Halne Wzg贸rze

Registered Name: Nihonjin Halne Wzg贸rze
Breeder: Jolanta Talaga - Halne Wzg贸rze
Owner: Jolanta Talaga - Halne Wzg贸rze
C. Wosch - Akita Anami
Kennel: Halne Wzg贸rze
Sire: Kakujitsu Halne Wzg贸rze
Dam: Fukiko Halne Wzg貌rze
Call Name: Nihon
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 28 JAN 2013
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: Poland
Land of Standing: Germany
Size: 66 cm (25.98 inch)
Weight: 37 kg (81.57 pound)
Colour: Red and White
Distinguishing Features: HD-A, eyes no findings, teeth complete, sisscors bite, Cotat Length: short/short
Titles: BISS, EUROPEAN WINNER VDH 2016, VDH-BUNDESSIEGER 2016, VDH-JAHRESSIEGER 2016, SWISS BEAUTY CHAMPION, SWISS SHOW CHAMPION, POLISH Champion, FCI Interchampion, GERMAN Club Champion, AUSTRIAN Champion, V-WINNER Akita Cup 2014, GERMAN Champion VDH, GERMAN WINNER 2015, GERMAN Junior Champion, POLISH Junior Champion, SWISS Junior Champion, GERMAN Club Winner 2014 & 2015, EUROPEAN Puppy Champion 2013
Known Offspring:
Registration#: PKR.V-19448
HD-A, eyes: clear, coat: no long coat carrier, teeth: complete, sisscors bite, Genetic Diversity Test
Naomi Halne Wzgorze
Ningo Halne Wzg貌rze

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Nihonjin Halne Wzg贸rze

Kakujitsu Halne Wzg贸rze

Ato Go Des Dragons Du Soleil Rouge

Masamune Go Kouyazan Miyauchisou

U'Takayama Go Des Dragons Du Soleil Rouge

I'Yorokobi No Izumi Halne Wzg贸rze

Kajitsu No Daiichi Go

Momiji Halne Wzg贸rze

Fukiko Halne Wzg貌rze

Kokusai Halne Wzg贸rze

Kaishi Go Shichimen Kensha

Iczczite Halne Wzg贸rze

Akari No Tsuki Halne Wzg貌rze

But-su Omono Gawa

Kadhabra Halne Wzg貌rze