Senzan Go Korakuen

Registered Name: Senzan Go Korakuen
Breeder: Shinichi (Nobuichi) Kaya
Owner: Yuji Fujii
Ishitaro Saito
Sire: Shintora Go (Shinkonitara)
Dam: Daini Nyogetsu Go (Daininiyogetsu)
Call Name:
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 5 OCT 1949
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: Japan
Land of Standing: Japan
Size: 68.2 cm (26.85 inch)
Colour: Sesam
Distinguishing Features:
Known Offspring:
Registration#: AKIHO 3030
Akiho 3030 Akikyo 2725 Temperament Fluctuated between alertness and listlessness in the show ring, depending on his mood - M. Okada. Line He was highly valued as a direct line from the Ichinoseki line. Awarded Second Overall at Fifteenth Akiho Headquarters' Show Awarded Reference Dog at Akikyo's Sixth Headquarters Show

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Senzan Go Korakuen

Shintora Go (Shinkonitara)

Jugorou Go (Kinzan So)

Saburo Go (of Akita)

Yama Go Watanabe
Toshi GoSendai Goma Go

Yama Go Watanabe

Daini Nyogetsu Go (Daininiyogetsu)

Ichinoseki Goma Go

Jugorou Go (Kinzan So)
Toshi Go
MatsukazeIchinoseki Aka Go
Nyogetsu Go (Jogetsu Go)