Daitou Go Okayama Nishi Oota

Registered Name: Daitou Go Okayama Nishi Oota
Owner: Katarzyna Gierczyk
Sire: Sendai Go Okayama Nishi Oota
Dam: Izumo Go Okayama Nishi Oota
Call Name:
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 6 OCT 2017
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: Japan
Land of Standing: Poland
Colour: Brindle
Distinguishing Features:
Titles: INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION - C.I.B., 138th Honbuten Youken B 2nd place, 139th Honbuten Waka Inu 3rd place, BEST IN GROUP honor, rBEST IN GROUP, BIS & rBIS couple, Czech GRAND CHAMPION, Slovak GRAND CHAMPION, Czech CHAMPION, Slovak CHAMPION, Slovenian CHAMPION, Club WINNER, Special show WINNER, 2x Crufts qualification, GRAND PRIX Slovakia winner, National WINNER, 21x Excellent 1, 21x CAC, 8xCACIB, rCACIB, 2x BOS, 9xBOB
Known Offspring:
Fuana Go Ken'Ichi Ai
Fujirou Go Ken'Ichi Ai
Fujitora Go Ken'Ichi Ai
Fuku Mitsu Go Ken'Ichi Ai
Fuku Tai Sentimentai
Fukudaitoryo Go Ken'Ichi Ai
Fukuhana Go Ken'Ichi Ai
Fukusakurahime Go Ken'Ichi Ai
Fumiko Tai Sentimentai
Fumitora Go Kashiwaya Meguni Sou
Gaya Go Ken'Ichi Ai
Gin No Hana Go Ken'Ichi Ai
Ginshun Go Ken'Ichi Ai
Ichihana Go Ken'Ichi Ai
Imihime Go Ken'Ichi Ai
Itoshi Go Ken'Ichi Ai
Iwatorame Go Ken'Ichi Ai
Izuku Go Ken'Ichi Ai
Izumi Go Ken'Ichi Ai
Jujutsu Go Ken'Ichi Ai
Jumi Go Ken’Ichi Ai
Le Daimon Go Ken'Ichi Ai
Le Gorou Go Ken'Ichi Ai
Le Miyuki Go Ken’Ichi Ai
Le Tora Go Ken’Ichi Ai
Le Tora Ryuu Go Ken'Ichi Ai
Luna Go Ken'Ichi Ai
Mario Go Ken'Ichi Ai
Maru Go Ken'Ichi Ai
Masamune Go Ken'Ichi Ai
Mia Go Ken'Ichi Ai
Miyu Go Ken'Ichi Ai
Momotarou Go Ken'Ichi Ai
Nihon No Egao Pimiko
Reiko Go Ken'Ichi Ai
Reina Go Ken'Ichi Ai
Ryuusei Go Ken’Ichi Ai
Registration#: AKIHO 17-5559
HD A, ED 0/0, Spondylosis 0, Patella 0/0, OCD neg/neg, DNA certificate, AI neg/neg, Eyes clear (2023)

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Daitou Go Okayama Nishi Oota

Sendai Go Okayama Nishi Oota

Kakuryuu Go Mino Kokeisou

Torazo Go Noheji
Takaryuuhime Go Oribia
Momoko Go Okayama Nishi Oota

Ryuusei Go Sawadaka Kensha

Shiroshikibu Go Imafuku Rokukensou
Izumo Go Okayama Nishi OotaIttetsu Go Okayama Nishi Oota

Ryuusei Go Sawadaka Kensha
Kichitorahime Go Miyagi Kozaki Kensha
Moe Go Higo Izawa

Yuuto Go Fujiyama
Ukigumo Go Hanadatesou