Kirinohana Go Fuen No Oka

Registered Name: Kirinohana Go Fuen No Oka
Breeder: Zuzanna Chade - Fuen No Oka
Owner: Nathalie Basses
Kennel: Fuen No Oka
Sire: Koutarou Go Aso Inoue
Dam: Orihime Go Kyushu Ishida
Call Name: Kiyomi
Sex: female
Date of Birth: 6 APR 2020
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: Poland
Land of Standing: Germany
Colour: Red and White
Distinguishing Features:
Known Offspring:
Registration#: AKIHO 20-1739
HD-A2, Eyes Certificate - Clear, Genetic Diversity Certificate, DNA test, NO LC CARRIER -short coat
Kenji Go Fuen No Oka
Komarihime Go Fuen No Oka

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Kirinohana Go Fuen No Oka

Koutarou Go Aso Inoue

Genji Go Aso Inoue

Kayami (Kouzan) Go Aso Inoue
Yuzuki Go Kumamoto Kishi

Meishun Go Touseien

Kitanojou Go Saginuma Kensha

Meika Go Ryuukensou

Orihime Go Kyushu Ishida

Kanhasshuu Go Kisarazu Nomura

Tarou Go Hanyuu Saijou

Hisa Go Kisarazu Nomura

Yuuki Go Senshuu Takashihamasou

Yoshifuru (Yoshihuru) Go Senshuu Takashihamasou
Rinka Go Senshuu Takashihamasou